“Tank” Gets in Trouble While Tanked

Hardly a “bum.”

L.A. Rams fullback Paul “Tank” Younger played before his home team fans in the Jan. 10, 1953, Pro Bowl game. Few of those fans, though, knew that Younger was in the game on something of a “work release” program. Younger earned $600 playing in the game, which his National Conference team won, 27-7.

A Los Angeles judge had earlier sentenced Young to 14 days in jail for assault, plus a year on probation, but stayed the sentence so Younger could participate in the charity game.

Younger had been convicted of giving his mother-in-law, Neatheola Olermo, a “shove” after she had called him a “bum football player,” and threw a Moscow Mule — complete with copper mug — at him in an alleged drunken fracas.

Later that year, Younger’s 19-year-old wife Wylene sued him for divorce for the second time in their year-old marriage, alleging that he had struck her, “on numerous occasions.”

Everything wasn’t all bad for Younger, however, as he was the first African-American to become an NFL front-office administrator, working for the Rams until retiring in 1995. He lived in Los Angeles, California until his death on September 15, 2001, at the age of 73.

7 thoughts on ““Tank” Gets in Trouble While Tanked

  1. retrosimba

    I knew the name, but not the story. The violence against women is horrifying, unacceptable and diminishes whatever he achieved in football. Sadly, the story of professional (and college) players abusing women keeps repeating itself, year after year, while too many TV broadcasters and NFL fans (and certainly team owners and coaches) excuse the behavior or choose to look the other way. Let’s not spoil our Sunday fun, eh? Let’s up the bidding for Deshaun Watson while we’re at it.

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    1. Jim Everett Table Toss Post author

      I’m hesitant to judge when drinking is involved in these domestic situations, but I get what you’re trying to say. A lot of football (and sports figures in general) are batshit crazy and for some reason I feel like having a bank vault full of money after coming from a meager background may be the culprit as well as ego, drugs, stress etc. Hell, half the population is insane… including people in Congress.

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  2. Steve Myers

    immediately reminded of the awesome Ron LeFlore story, him getting a day parole to tryout for the Tigers thanks to Billy Martin. talk about a 180 life turn, from prison to the major leagues.

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      1. Steve Myers

        that is amazing, a scout behind bars! makes anything seem possible. i wonder if there is much coverage of prison baseball? i know they played at San Quentin at one time.


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