Horns Beat the Red Birds in the Desert

I usually don’t give the best advice, but smoking half a doobie and having a few man-sodas before your afternoon walk isn’t the worst thing in the world. My tiny neighborhood world seemed hushed and restful and Billy Joel’s Big Shot was blaring through my headphones. I have a precarious relationship with this “hangover” song–sometimes I find it to be charming and at others it makes me want to tear my eyeballs out with its repetitive chorus that open palm slaps the nouveau rich NY coke scene.

The Piano Man was an infamous alcoholic/car crash aficionado who is doing much better these days now that he is sober and finally accepting of his divorce from Christie Brinkley. (ever notice how banging supermodels makes you borderline suicidal in the end? depression as humble pie.) I was having none of that, however, as today I was going to watch some ol’ pigskin on the tube and cheer until my heart burst while pounding a Wade Boggs-on-an-airplane amount of beer. ‘Merica.

I was three-sheets-to-the-wind by halftime and had crushed about 8 of the self-styled “King of Beers.” Budweiser tastes like beer-flavored water because it’s not something you’re supposed to sit around and contemplate. The taste of “nothing” (or a fizzy water drink lightly flavored with grains and a touch of malt) is nostalgia. Its advertising campaigns – its entire ethos – seem designed to target a particular drinking style and drinking public, more than any particular flavor. It’s meant to be quaffed mindlessly until your running back fumbles the ball on the 1-yard line and you can sense your inner maniac slowly rising from the pit of your stomach in a crescendo of childish and loosey-goosey irrational behavior that ends with a copy of Steely Dan’s Can’t Buy a Thrill album being hurled against the wall. Good times.

In the end, the Rams held on for a very hard-fought 20-12 divisional road win against a pesky Arizona Cardinals team that hung around all game but faltered in part thanks to some very strong red zone Rams defense. I thought Matt Stafford played very well. He was 18-25 249 yards for a rating of 103.6, was sacked once, and threw no interceptions. Aaron Donald also added to his legacy by garnering his 100th sack. It’s always good to get that first divisional win, and the Rams are sitting at 2-1 having won two in a row. The squad still hasn’t hit their stride, however, and is definitely not in championship form, but the season is young and there is no reason to fret or wax poetic quite yet.



11 thoughts on “Horns Beat the Red Birds in the Desert

  1. Double K

    Well congrats to your Rams, but you’re right – too early to wax poetic about them just yet. But if things do go south for your Rams this season just remember that when wake up in the morning with your head on fire and your eyes too bloody to see, that you go on and cry in your coffee, and don’t come bitchin’ to me.

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  2. walkingoffthechessboard

    It wasn’t pretty, but the Rams showed toughness in that game that makes me think there isn’t any Super Bowl hangover at this point, and they will be a force once again this season. Division win. Road win. Beat a team that was pumped after their win the week before. Yes, a satisfying day in the desert indeed.

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  3. retrosimba

    I’m rooting for Ben Skowronek. He has the name and the game of a 1960s Ram. It’s pretty cool that Ben is related to the 1947 Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lujack, and that Ben also is a cousin of Olympic gymnast Courtney Kupets, as well as being the nephew of former NFL quarterback Trent Green.

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    1. Jim Everett Table Toss Post author

      Skowronek has definitely become more of an intriguing (and dangerous) player now that he lines up at different positions. I never knew he had the capability to play fullback but there it is. I never knew he was the nephew of Trent Green who could be one of the greatest Rams of all time by simply getting injured.

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