This Team Stinks

It was November football at its worst, played in the shadow of a billionaire’s shiny new toy and a cadre of bored celebrities. I have so many projects left unfinished–paintings left unattended and books left unread. Yet, I still find time to watch this team without fail every week and every week it’s the same lifeless dumpster fire. I’ve also considered that I could be doing other things like going for a hike, chugging suds at the local brew pub, or kayaking on the river. More life-affirming, nuanced pursuits. 

What happened? Well, the Rams are a horrible excuse for a football team, losing 27-17 at home to the god-awful Arizona Cardinals (who played without their own starting QB) to fall to 3-6 in a game that really wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. This was an unwatchable display from every perspective and one could compare the experience to spending the weekend in a rainstorm with an ex-girlfriend that you particularly despise. This team has challenged the theory over and over that there are limits to incompetence. Still, as always, my loyalty remains…it’s just how I’m hardwired.  

Football is undoubtedly bread and circuses, but when it fails to appease why would you sit around and subconsciously suck up the endless array of overblown and heavy-handed truck and beer ads if you didn’t have to? Why would you watch an endless number of exasperating 3-and-outs while holding your head in your hands and wishing that lunatic Putin would just push the goddamn nuke button? Popular consensus and the good ol’ fashioned eyeball test tell me that this squad, frankly, sucks.

I have followed this team since 1986 when I (unfortunately?) fell head over heels in love, and have endured decades of dark and forbidding futility, including a prepubescent and unstable bedroom thrashing after a Wild Card loss to the now antiquatedly named Redskins. (that loss was a highlight compared to the 90’s dregs decade, and was also an early sign of my future psychotic behavior, or “fandom.”) Heed this stubborn and broken fan’s amusing and unjust example of testicular fortitude: “Wait ‘till next year!”


12 thoughts on “This Team Stinks

  1. Steve Myers

    That’s what makes a great fan …..enduring all the crappy games and years. I’ll drink to the Rams tonight, for a better outcome next week……come to think of it, a shitty team provides a great excuse for one more beer, shot, or puff.

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  2. walkingoffthechessboard

    It’s hard enough when you are gonna get everyone’s best shot after winning it all, and you also know how hard it was to get there in the first place, so there’s the physical and mental aspects a champion has to deal with. Throw in some injuries right off the bat, more each week…and yeah, the season can get away from an NFL team very quickly.

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  3. retrosimba

    The billionaire with the shiny new toy doesn’t care so much about wins and losses, just people coming to his playhouse and overspending and letting him make more billions, so, please, Gary, take it from someone who waited too long to kick the addiction, and take the kayak ride and the hike instead. It’s truly freeing.

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  5. Throwback Sports Odyssey

    I think that makes a pretty good fan. Honestly, during franchises tough seasons the true fans come out. We’ve seen this with the Browns, Jags and so on. What happened to the Rams from last season is beyond me. I really thought they were going to have a better season. I was wrong.

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    1. Jim Everett Table Toss Post author

      Haha…been there and done that. This team was crap for like 10 years straight. We like to call it the “Tony Banks Era.” I could be exaggerating but I think the guy had more fumbles than games played. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

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